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FAQS for Manulife iFUNDS PRS


Currently Manulife iFUNDS PRS is only applicable for individual customers. Corporate customer can open their account by engaging our Advisors or contact our Customer Service hotline at 03-2719 9271.

Yes. New investor can open a Manulife iFUNDS PRS account and start investing, by accessing Manulife iFUNDS link or QR code below:

Malaysian customer:

  •  To upload an image of NRIC front and back
  • To upload a picture of him/her holding the NRIC close or next to his/her face.
  • Clear photos are required.


Non- Malaysian customer:

  • To upload an image of unexpired passport
  • To upload a picture of him/her holding the NRIC close or next to his/her face.
  • Clear photos are required

Yes. You can proceed to open a PRS account using the same access. You do not need to create another access.

No. Your Manulife iFUNDS access is only applicable to yourself. Your family members are required to create their own access via Manulife iFUNDS to open an account.

No, the Manulife iFUNDS platform currently only available for customers who have unit trust account. However, it will be made available for all customers in near future.


The minimum amount to invest in PRS is RM100.

Your transaction will be processed within 24 hours provided all documents received in good order. You should be able to view this transaction on T+2.

Yes. You will be receiving a transaction confirmation email from us.

No, please email your receipt, bank information and Additional Contribution Slip to Customer Service at

If you invest via Manulife iFUNDS account, under the Manulife iFUNDS environment you may make your payment directly via the FPX function.

Third party payment is not allowed. You need to make payment via your own bank account.


Yes, you can download a copy of your annual PRS statement from Manulife iFUNDS. Here is a quick user guide on how to download the PRS statement: View here

No. Kindly send the “Change of Personal Information and Investment form” which can be downloaded from our website to Customer Service Dept. Please contact our Customer Service at 03-2719 9271 for further assistance.

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