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5 reasons to start using e-Statement:

  1. Accessible online anytime, anywhere
  2. Safe and secure
  3. Receive it faster than a paper statement
  4. No more filing hassle & clutter
  5. It’s green and it’s free

Simple steps to sign up e-Statement for MHO Investor users:

Step 1 :   Go to and click on "Investor Login".

Step 2 :   Enter your "User ID" and "Password".

Step 3 :   On the MHO Investor homepage, click on "e-Statement".

Step 4 :   Then, click on "e-Statement Registration".

Step 5 :   Next, enter your email address. To "Confirm email address", please enter your email address again. Finally, click "Confirm".

For new investors and non-MHO investor users:

Step 1:
Call our Customer Service at 03-2719 9271 / 1300-13-2323 to send a copy of the "Online Application Form" to you or visit, go to the "Forms" page, click on "Online Application" to print the form.
Step 2:
Submit the completed form to Customer Service through your unit trust adviser or by post.
Non-MHO Investor users who have yet to register their email address and mobile phone number with us are required to complete the "Unit Holder Record Maintenance Form" and submit it together with a photocopy of NRIC. To check if your email address and mobile phone number are registered in our system, please call Customer Service or your unit trust adviser.