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In conjunction with the launch of Manulife iFUNDS RSP, the subsequent minimum monthly investment per fund is RM100, until further notice.

Customers may set up RSP via Manulife iFUNDS RSP menu screen. Please find the video/link below.


  1. Customers may set up a new RSP instruction,
  2. Increase and decrease existing RSP amount within the authority limit
  3. To change RSP funds
  4. To cancel the RSP

Setting up a new RSP through Manulife iFUNDS takes one to two business days.

Customer will receive an acknowledgement via email and SMS.



Yes, to do this, customer needs to cancel the existing RSP and set up a new RSP.

Customer may select either 10th or 28th of the month for deduction from his/her bank account.

The cancellation must submit 10 calendar days before the deduction date. For e.g. If a customer cancelled the RSP on the 8th and the deduction date is on the 10th (less than 10 calendar days) it will be cancelled on the next billing cycle. If the deduction date is on the 28th then it will take effect immediately (more than 10 calendar days).

The price will be based on 10th or 28th of the month, depending on the deduction date that the customer chose. If the 10th or 28th of the month falls on a non-business day, the price will be based on the valuation determined at the end of the next business day.

Customer will receive e-statement (for e-subscriber), hardcopy daily statement (for non e-subscriber). There is no SMS or email confirmation.

Customer will receive notification via email and SMS with the reason mentioned.

RM1.00 will be charged during the first enrolment of RSP. The said RM1.00 will be credited back to your Manulife Fund Account during the first successful Direct Debit payment. However, the RM1.00 will not be refunded to your Manulife Fund Account if the enrolment is unsuccessful or there is any unsuccessful deduction from your bank account.

Yes. But image of document(s) to proof acceptable relationship between investor and payer must be uploaded and approved.

Customer may go to the Regular Savings Plan menu item to check the status of the plan.

Yes, provided the RSP account is 'Approved' status.

The cancellation can only be done for RSP account with 'Approved' status.

Not at the moment.