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Declaration and Acceptance

  • I have read the electronic prospectus/Information Memorandum/Disclosure Documents, its supplementary (if any), Product highlights sheet and Terms and Conditions and Unit Trust Loan Financing Risk Disclosure applicable to this transactions before investing and fully understood the features and risks of the product;
  • I have read and understood and agree to be bound by the terms and conditions as set out on the website.
  • I hereby consent to the disclosure of information to the relevant entities involved in the collective investment scheme including the Securities Commission.
  • I hereby confirm that all the information given is true and accurate and complete.
  • I acknowledge and accept that I may have exposed to the inherent risks of conducting internet transactions and I am assuming such risks.
  • I hereby declared that I am duly authorized to perform the online switching transactions and all online switching transactions performed are based on authorization from my unit holder(s). I undertake to hold MIMMB harmless and fully indemnified against all liability claims, demands, actions, proceedings, losses and expenses whatsoever nature or description which may be made, taken, incurred or suffered by MIMMB in relation to or arising from any online switching transactions made herein.