What If Analysis makes it quick and easy for you to compare the investment performance of any of Manulife Investment fund against the bank's fixed deposit interest or returns from another Manulife Investment fund, over any period of time.



This tool lets you select input variables such as specific investment period or number of years invested, lump sum or regular investment amount, monthly or quarterly investment type to generate the investment analysis.
You can then view in both table and chart forms, the gain/loss in amount and percentage of each investment. This allows you to easily compare the returns of alternative investments over time.

By using the What If Analysis, we can clearly show you the amount you would have saved in 10 years’ time if you had invested in our Manulife Investment Equity Index Fund.

Comparison of Manulife Investment Equity Index Fund (Offer-Bid) vs. Fixed Deposit
From 31 May 2002 till 31 May 2012 **
Monthly Investment (RM) Manulife Investment Equity Index Fund (RM) Fixed Deposit (RM)
500 99,918.54 70,867.97
1,000 199,837.09 141,735.94
3,000 599,511.27 425,207.83
5,000 999,185.44 708,679.71

**    Data used here is as at 31 May 2012. The figures are derived from actual information using our proprietary software 'What If Analysis' in which the formula has been audited by our internal auditors.