FAQs for Manulife iFUNDS


Account opening



How do I open a Manulife iFUNDS account?
To open a Manulife iFUNDS account, start by accessing Manulife iFUNDS link or QR code: https://client.asia.manulifeam.com/en_MY/NewUser


Can I log into Manulife iFUNDS using my smartphone or tablet?
You will be able to access Manulife iFUNDS on your smartphone, tablet or laptop.


Which browser should I use to log into Manulife iFUNDS?
We recommend you to use the newest version of Chrome, Firefox or Safari to log into Manulife iFUNDS, to ensure that you’re protected by the latest security features.


Do I need a Manulife iFUNDS login
Yes, the account opening process will guide you to enter your relevant information and create a Manulife iFUNDS account.


Can all special characters be used to create a password in Manulife iFUNDS?
Manulife iFUNDS allows the special characters below to be used when creating a password.
[ ! @ # $ % ^ & * () , . ? " : { } | < > _ ~ ` + = ; ' - ]


Is there any user guide for customers on how to open an account/transact via Manulife iFUNDS?
Please watch our user guide videos here:
How can I open a new account? - https://youtu.be/q9StuO3lpTg
How can I subscribe funds? - https://youtu.be/72e2R09ONmU
How can I switch funds? - https://youtu.be/8UqfHHHDQkk
How can I open a new Private Retirement Scheme (PRS) account? - View here
How can I contribute to a PRS fund? - View here


Which type of account  can I open online?
You can open both Unit Trust (UT) account and Private Retirement Scheme (PRS) account via online. However, at the moment, PRS account can only be opened via online if you have subscribed to MHO investor.


What documents do I need to open an account?
Malaysian customer:

• ​To upload an image of NRIC front and back
• ​To upload a picture of him/her holding the NRIC close to his/her face.
• Clear photos from a phone or tablet are ideal.

Non- Malaysian customer:

• ​To upload an image of unexpired passport containing passport holder’s personal information and photo
• To upload a picture of him/her holding the passport close to his/her face.
• Clear photos from a phone or tablet are ideal


Is an email account and mobile phone needed to open an account through Manulife iFUNDS?
Yes, you need access to an email account and a mobile phone. The system will send an OTP (One-Time Passcode) to the registered email and registered phone number for validation purpose.


I am sharing my email address with my spouse. Both of us have individual investment accounts with Manulife Investment Management. Can we use the same email address to log into Manulife iFUNDS and access our individual investment accounts?
Manulife iFUNDS requires every individual investor to use his/her own email address registered with the company as login ID. 

Two individual investors may not use the same email address as Manulife iFUNDS login ID.


I don't have an email address, can I log into Manulife iFUNDS using my NRIC number?
Manulife iFUNDS only accepts email address as login ID.


I registered my son's mobile number with the Company, would I still be able to perform a transaction using Manulife iFUNDS?
You can carry out a transaction via Manulife iFUNDS using your son’s mobile number.   Please note Manulife iFUNDS will send an OTP to the said mobile number for verification purposes before you may proceed with the transaction.


What are the transactions/functions that I can perform using Manulife iFUNDS?
Below are the transactions/functions which our customers may perform using Manulife iFUNDS:

• Online account opening
• At a glance investment summary of your portfolio using Portfolio Dashboard
• Top up or switch online
• Search and compare investment performance between Manulife Investment Management funds


Do I need access to online banking?
Yes, you need access to online banking if you wish to pay for the initial subscription via online transfer. Proof of payment transfer such as image of online transfer receipt has to be uploaded during Manulife iFUNDS subscription process.


Can I make payment for initial subscription via cash deposit at bank even if I open an account via Manulife iFUNDS?
Yes, you can. Proof of payment such as image of cash deposit receipt has to be uploaded during Manulife iFUNDS subscription process. We strongly recommend that you subscribe through Manulife iFUNDS within the same calendar day of the cash deposit made. This is to ensure you have invested in units at price of that day and for ease of banking reconciliation.


How long does it take to open a Manulife iFUNDS account?
The entire account opening process takes around 10-15 minutes.

Once we receive your online account opening application, the account will be activated opened within 24 business hours.  While the account is being processed, you can place an initial subscription. Your application will only be processed when electronic application form has been successfully verified by our team.


Does my Manulife unit trust adviser (UT adviser) need to be present when I open a Manulife iFUNDS account?
It is not necessary for your UT adviser to be present.  You only need to enter your UT adviser’s code on the first screen and your Manulife iFUNDS account will be assigned to your UT adviser.  Please ask your UT adviser for his/her Manulife Advisor code before starting the account opening process.

My email OTP has not arrived, what should I do?
The email OTP typically takes 1-2 minutes to arrive.  If your OTP does not arrive, please check the following:

• Refresh the email (e.g. if using Microsoft Outlook, go to “Tools, Send / Receive”) and click update folder
• Check the Junk folder
• Request another email OTP by clicking on resend passcode
• Confirm your email address is spelled correctly on the display screen. If incorrect, please start again from homepage


Where is the option to request for e-Statement?
It is default option in Manulife iFUNDS for investor to receive e-Statement. If you would like receive a paper statement, then please contact Manulife Investment Management Customer Service personnel at +603 2719 9271 or email us at MY_CustomerService@manulife.com after the account has been opened.


What do you use my information for and how is it protected?
Your information will be used to open a Manulife iFUNDS account and to assess your suitability for investing in the selected fund. Your information is protected as per our company’s privacy policy.


If I need help during the account opening process, who do I contact?
Please contact our Manulife Investment Management Customer Service Personnel at +60327199271 or email us at MY_CustomerService@manulife.com


With the launch of Manulife iFUNDS, can I still log into MHO?
Yes, our customers can still log into MHO until further notice from the Company.


Initial subscription



How do I subscribe ?
The last page of Manulife iFUNDS account opening process will show a page with a thank you message. On this page there is a "place subscription" button. Click on this button to start the subscription process.


There is no place subscription button, what should I do?
In very few cases, extra document checks may be required and Manulife iFUNDS may be unable to complete processing your account opening application within the stipulated time. In this case, please contact our Manulife Investment Management Customer Service Personnel at +60327199271 or email us at MY_CustomerService@manulife.com


What is the minimum investment amount and how much is the sales charge?
The minimum investment amount and sales charge vary from fund to fund and it is stated on the subscription page. You may also refer to the master prospectus for this information.


Can I buy more than one fund at the same time?
Yes, please select the funds that you would like to buy and enter the subscription amount for each fund. Then press “Proceed” to make payment for your funds selection.

How do I make payment for fund subscription?
The easiest way to pay for your subscription is via the FPX payment service.  This service allows you to instantly transfer up to RM30,000 to us from your online banking account.

For amounts above RM30,000 transactions you can pay via bank transfer (i.e. transfer to our bank account via online banking or pay over the counter at the bank).  Please upload photo of the teller receipt or online transfer receipt on the payment screen).  For foreign currency transactions, please make sure that you pay into the correct Manulife  bank account.  Our bank account details can be found on the payment page by clicking the “payment details” link.

All payment must be made from your bank account or your joint applicant bank account. Please note that we may be required to verify the payment account owner’s identity.


What is the cut-off time for placing a transaction?
Please refer to the relevant prospectus/information memorandum/disclosure document at https://www.manulifeinvestment.com.my/Disclaimer-Unit-Trust-Prospectus. If you place an order on a non-working day, the order will be placed on the next trading day.


I created my account but was logged off, how do I login again?
Please go to: http://client.asia.manulifeam.com/en_MY


The system shows "your account is locked." How do I unlock my account?
Go to: https://client.asia.manulifeam.com/en_MY/forgot-password and reset password to unlock the account.

Q8  The system shows error messages such as “Please excuse us.  We are not available at the moment"

Contact our service representative for urgent assistance by MY_CustomerService@manulife.com or +60327199271.

Our office hours: Monday-Friday, 8.45am-5.30pm
Except public holidays.