Investment Objective

  • The Fund invests in the MGF-INDF which aims to achieve long term capital growth through equities and equity-related investments of companies covering different sectors of the Indian economy and which are listed on stock exchanges in India or any stock exchange. The remaining assets of the MGF-INDF may include convertible bonds, bonds, deposits and other investments.

Investors' Profile

  • Seek an investment in the India market.
  • Are willing to accept high risk in their investments in order to achieve long term capital growth.


Performance Benchmark

MSCI India 10/40 Index, which is also the performance benchmark of the Target Fund.

Sales Charge

IUTA                Up to 5.5% of NAV per unit
UTC                 Up to 6.0% of NAV per unit
The Manager    Up to 5.5% of NAV per unit

Switching of Units

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Transfer of Units

RM3.00 per transfer upon receipt of a transfer request from the investor.

Income Distribution

The Fund intends to distribute income, if any, on an annual basis.
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