A warm welcome to the all new MPC which has been especially designed to reward and serve loyal MPC Gold and Platinum members on a more personalised basis, befitting their elite membership status.

MPC members enjoy exclusive benefits, privileges and personalised services catered to their individual needs. The following summarises the key benefits and privileges accorded to MPC Gold and Platinum – individual and corporate members:


Key Benefits and Privileges

Unlimited Free Switching – Manual & Online

Enjoy greater flexibility when you switch between funds of different asset classes from time to time, as the switching fee of RM25 per transaction, is waived. The waiver is applicable to both manual and online fund switching transactions. In addition to this, you also stand to enjoy waivers for administrative requests such as transfer of units.
(The online switching facility is not applicable to corporate members)

Redemption or Switching via Phone

When in need of redeeming or switching your investments, just give us a ring and avoid having to fill up forms. 
(Not applicable to corporate members)

Redemption Cheques Within 48 hours

Your redemption cheque for an amount under RM500,000 will be ready for collection within 48 hours (provided the following is a business day) and if you require, we can also deposit the payment for you, at no additional cost.
(Please note that this is applicable to cash investments only)

Complimentary Insurance Coverage

Free Group Personal Accident (GPA) with Total Permanent Disability (TPD) Insurance coverage of RM1.00 for every MPC point, subject to a maximum coverage of RM500,000 per individual until the age of 75. For those aged between 76 and 80, the maximum coverage is RM50,000.
(Not applicable to corporate members)


Market and Fund Updates

Receive periodic emails containing carefully selected market updates and fund reviews to keep you well informed.

Half-Yearly Statement

Opt to receive our easy to understand half-yearly consolidated statements and get a clearer picture of your investments without having to go through individual statements.

MPC e-news

Receive regular company news as well as updates via email so that you remain well informed.
Invitation to Seminars and Special Events

Stand to enjoy exclusive invitations to our series of informative and entertaining events held from time to time.

There are two types of MPC memberships, namely:

MPC Gold – Individual & Corporate
MPC Platinum – Individual & Corporate


Minimum Qualifying MPC Points

Minimum Qualifying MPC Points
Individual Corporate Individual Corporate
100,000 1,000,000 1,000,000 10,000,000

Note: These are the minimum qualifying MPC points to be maintained at any one time


  • MPC points are credited based on the amount invested in Manulife Investment Funds (RM1.00 invested = 1 MPC point). Conversely, for every RM1 redeemed, 1 MPC point will be deducted.
  • The MPC Gold and Platinum – Individual membership is open to the principal account holder only, while the MPC points may be a combination of all the joint accounts under the same principal holder.
  • For MPC Gold and Platinum – Corporate membership, the MPC points may be a combination of all the accounts under the same company.
  • The benefits and privileges set forth here are exclusively for MPC Gold and Platinum members and are neither transferable in any way whatsoever nor exchangeable for cash or any other compensation. 
  • Any information set forth here is subject to change without prior notice.
  • The company reserves the right to amend, alter or delete any of the information outlined here, without having to assign any reasons or needing to give prior notice.
  • The benefits entitlement for this membership are subject to change without prior notice.