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27 August 2021

Government reset

04 August 2021

China credits on-the-ground: Observations on China’s shifting regulatory environment

29 July 2021

Navigating the regulatory environment for China equities

27July 2021

Making sense of China bond market defaults

16 July 2021

Q3 2021 Global Macro Outlook - Last innings of the reopening trade

07 June 2021

US inflation outlook

16 March 2021

Rising yields and market rotation

05 March 2021

2021 Global healthcare outlook: Thrust into the spotlight amid the pandemic

01 March 2021

Rising bond yields and market correction

February 2021

2021 Outlook: India's growth comeback

14 January 2021

MCO 2.0 & State of Emergency

16 December 2020

GRID: A new theme for Asia

08 December 2020

Fitch downgrades Malaysia’s sovereign rating

24 November 2020

Vaccine for COVID-19: Is the wait finally over?

12 November 2020

Malaysia Budget 2021: The pandemic budget

10 November 2020

US election: What’s next for Asian markets?

10 November 2020

The potential impact of the US presidential election on Greater China equities

30 October 2020

How should investors approach the upcoming U.S. election?

23 October 2020

The impact of FTSE Russell inclusion and relative attractiveness of China bonds

22 October 2020

Investment themes & featured funds 2020

05 October 2020

India’s path to economic recovery

17 September 2020

In focus: US inflation forces

20 August 2020

The Hang Seng Index changes present new opportunities for investors looking for growth

18 August 2020

Financial markets and the U.S. election

07 August 2020

Navigating ESG integration in China A-Shares investing

13 July 2020

2020 mid-year outlook: Asian Fixed Income

10 July 2020

2020 mid-year outlook: Asian equities and Greater China equities

19 June 2020

Southeast Asia: a bright spot in a challenging environment

28 May 2020

US economic outlook: macroeconomic headwinds vs. tailwinds

22 May 2020

Navigating the next chapter of COVID-19

29 April 2020

India: The long-term outlook remains compelling, despite notable short-term challenges

22 April 2020

Asia Pacific REITs: Long-term fundamentals should not be overshadowed by short-term flux

15 April 2020

China Fixed Income - A safe haven asset in uncertain times?

09 April 2020

Asian fixed income: forget fear, focus on fundamentals

30 March 2020

Asset Allocation View: What history tells us

27 March 2020

An update on the Global REITs sector

23 March 2020

What’s next after the sell-off? Hong Kong and China equities update

23 March 2020

From coronavirus to credit market stress

19 March 2020

Flock of black swans and a case of severely ruffled feathers

17 March 2020

Identifying the winners and losers of oil price slump: the Asian fixed income perspective

16 March 2020

The Fed's historic stimulus package

04 March 2020

Emergency interest-rate cuts are here

28 February 2020

Coronavirus update: A material economic reassessment

25 February 2020

Malaysia power struggle: market implications

07 February 2020

The impact of the coronavirus on Asian credits

11 February 2020

2020 Outlook Series

04 February 2020

Coronavirus: what does it mean for investors?

03 February 2020

The impact of coronavirus on Chinese equities

03 February 2020

Global risk-off market sentiment prevails

16 December 2019

US-China trade agreement, UK election, Fed easing: stronger base case, but risks remain

07 August 2019

Tariff threat trips the circuit breaker, setting the scene for a 50 basis points Fed rate cut in September

01 August 2019

The Fed’s next chapter: this is no regular interest-rate cut

02 July 2019

G20 Meeting Recap: Seven Macro Takeaways

20 June 2019

A Fed July interest-rate cut isn't a done deal

06 May 2019

Latest tariff threat could derail a Sino-US trade deal

07 March 2019

China A-shares move to centre stage

31 January 2019

The Fed strikes a dovish tone

14 January 2019

Four “F’s” are key positive drivers for Indian equities

20 December 2018

An oh-so subtle change in tone leaves markets wanting more

05 December 2018

Uncertainty and flattening yield curve spark US market correction

03 December 2018

China and the US agree to halt new tariffs for 90 days

07 November 2018

A moderation in Sino-US trade relations expected after US mid-term election results

30 October 2018

Global Intelligence Interim Outlook: October 2018

25 Oct 2018

Further thoughts on the sell-off in US equity markets

15 Oct 2018

Malaysia: A New Dawn

12 Oct 2018

Our thoughts on the latest global market sell-off

27 Sep 2018

Fed stays on target

18 Sep 2018

Further US tariffs catalyse China's economic upgrade

09 Jul 2018

After the July tariffs, what next?

25 Jun 2018

Deregulation in the US and the coming boom in regional bank M&A

14 Jun 2018

Higher interest rates positive for US bank equities

25 May 2018

Bilateral negotiations soothe escalating trade tensions

12 May 2018

Malaysia: Market Implications Post GE14

12 Apr 2018

Global Intelligence Interim Outlook: April 2018

29 Mar 2018

Global trade war? Not our base case – Domestic factors are more important for China and Hong Kong equities

27 Mar 2018

Overall impact on China bonds from US trade tariff is manageable

26 Mar 2018

New US-China tariffs point to need for bilateral negotiations

22 Mar 2018

The Fed strikes a hawkish tone

22 Mar 2018

Implications of US rate hike on Asian fixed income and Asian equities

22 Mar 2018

Twin catalysts for US bank equities: Rising interest rates and reforms

05 Mar 2018

Italian Election: The threat is fiscal profligacy, not "Italeave"

02 Mar 2018

Latest US tariffs do not augur a trade war

23 Feb 2018

AP REITs: Stable performance continues

20 Feb 2018

China and HK equities: Solid fundamentals remain intact

14 Feb 2018

Venezuela: Economic Chaos Continues

14 Feb 2018

Perspectives after the equity correction

06 Feb 2018

India’s 2018-2019 Union Budget: Key Takeaways

06 Feb 2018

Implications of recent market volatility

20 Dec 2017

Short view on Fed rate hike

13 Nov 2017

Asia-Pacific (AP) REITs: Solid regional fundamentals drive outlook

07 Nov 2017

China's 19th Communist Party Congress – Onward and upward!

06 Nov 2017

Powell: The Status Quo Fed Candidate for a Status Quo Economy

30 Oct 2017

ECB Dovish Taper Not As Big As It Looks

11 Oct 2017

Conviction in the US Banking Sector Remains High

28 Sep 2017

Fed announces exit from QE: Implications for EM and Asia

11 Aug 2017

Healthcare Equities: Strong Fundamentals Shine Through

08 Aug 2017

Reserve Bank of India cuts interest rates

21 Jun 2017

China’s A-Shares Added to MSCI

12 Jun 2017

UK Election: Voters Continue To Surprise Markets

12 Jun 2017

UK Elections End In Dismay

08 Jun 2017

India’s equity valuations built on fundamentals and rising domestic equity savings

29 May 2017

Moody's downgrades China and Hong Kong

22 May 2017

Indonesia finally wins full investment grade status from S&P

09 May 2017

French Presidential Election: A Market-Friendly Outcome, But Issues Remain

09 May 2017

US Q1 GDP Disappoints, but is expected to accelerate in Q2

28 Apr 2017

Is the "Reflation Trade" in Trouble?

31 Mar 2017

Valuation versus growth: where is the market headed?

16 Mar 2017

Comment on Fed Rate Hike

14 Mar 2017

India State Election Result Update

07 Mar 2017

Steady the ship, few surprises at China’s NPC Work Report

28 Feb 2017

Monthly Macro View: Markets are off to a good start!

19 Dec 2016

Revisiting India’s demonetization

16 Dec 2016

Latest thoughts on the Fed rate hike

05 Dec 2016

Should investors care about Italy’s Referendum?

02 Dec 2016

Italian Constitutional Reform: A Choose Your Own Adventure

02 Dec 2016

Post-Election Outlook For US Large Cap Equities

15 Nov 2016

Welcome to India's new high-value notes; the election of a new US president

14 Nov 2016

Monthly Macro View: So Trump wins. What comes next for Asian investors?

10 Nov 2016

Updated: US Presidential Election’s Impact on Asian (and the Malaysian) markets

01 Nov 2016

Q3 US GDP: Look Under the Hood

19 Oct 2016

Monthly Macro View: Looking for green shoots in a pro-growth Asian equity strategy

09 Sep 2016

Latest thoughts on India's game-changing factors to economy

17 Jun 2016

Global Intelligence - Interim Outlook (June 2016)

13 Apr 2016

Research note: Global Equity Strategy team on "Investing in quality"

05 Apr 2016

Global Intelligence: Interim Outlook (March 2016 issue)

29 Feb 2016

Volatility: Curse, or blessing in disguise?

25 Feb 2016

Economic Note - February 2016: US Recession Isn't Nigh, But Be Worried Anyhow

03 Feb 2016

Abenomics: Making sense of negative rates

01 Feb 2016

Assessing January’s fallout: Market outlook & opportunities

07 Jan 2016

Briefing note: Stock market jitters to start 2016

17 Dec 2015

US Federal Reserve hikes rates – What does it meanfor financial markets?

17 Dec 2015

Liftoff at long last: US Federal Reserve raises interest rates

07 Dec 2015

US Federal Reserve normalisation likely to be slow and measured

07 Dec 2015

Renminbi's SDR inclusion: Long-term positive but not a game changer

02 Dec 2015

Indian equities: State election result unlikely to derail reform progress Indian

12 Nov 2015

China reforms: Consumption remains the key

04 Nov 2015

US third quarter GDP disappointing, impact on FOMC inconclusive

22 Oct 2015

Global Intelligence Interim Outlook: October 2015

12 Oct 2015

Trans-Pacific Partnership clears first hurdle: What’s the outlook for Asia?

07 Oct 2015

Negative jobs picture and looming debt ceiling: What does it mean for the US Fed?

24 Sep 2015

US interest rates: The Fed stays put

23 Sep 2015

China's local government debt: Moving out of the shadows

08 Sep 2015

Easy money: Why monetary anaesthesia alone cannot alleviate global economic growing pains

07 Sep 2015

Indian equities: A bright spot among emerging markets

01 Sep 2015

PBoC rate cuts to benefit economy but headwinds ahead

27 Aug 2015

China volatility: More than a bump in the road, but not a crisis

27 Aug 2015

Global market turmoil: Where do we go from here?

26 Aug 2015

Tumbling barrels: Why plunging oil prices are once again hitting the headlines

21 Aug 2015

Implications of China Currency Devaluation on Malaysia

14 Aug 2015

Finding the upside potential in European equities

12 Aug 2015

People's Bank of China's move to market-based currency setting a game changer

30 Jul 2015

Outlook for China A-shares remains constructive despite near-term volatility

15 Jul 2015

RMB bonds: An oasis of calm amid volatility

15 Jul 2015

Greece: Outplayed and out of luck

10 Jul 2015

Confidence is key as Chinese authorities provide unlimited support for market

03 Jul 2015

A-shares market volatility the near-term normal as government initiates short-term correction

02 Jul 2015

Greece: No fine deals, just ugly choices

30 Jun 2015

Indian equities: Where to next?

17 Jun 2015

Greece: An ending in sight?

15 Jun 2015

China A-shares "on track for inclusion" in MSCI indices

21 May 2015

Indian equities: Pullback may present further opportunities

06 May 2015

Greece: Implications of an upcoming liquidity crunch

04 May 2015

RMB inclusion into the SDR: Not if but when

10 Apr 2015

Hong Kong equities: H-shares continue to trade at a discount following post-Easter rally

15 Apr 2015

US interest rates: Will they or won’t they?

27 Mar 2015

China’s new Silk Road: A win-win for Asia?

20 Mar 2015

European and US equities: Which market in 2015?

13 Mar 2015

Navigating the rising risks in China’s bond market

02 Mar 2015

China rate cut: The right move at the right time

25 Feb 2015

History repeats itself, the rise of the mighty dollar

16 Feb 2015

Abenomics: Third arrow in question

06 Feb 2015

China cuts reserve ratio to support growth

04 Feb 2015

Oil prices and Asia: Who wins and who loses?

28 Jan 2015

Volatility rising: The good, the bad and the ugly

26 Jan 2015

European Central Bank announces euro 1.1 trillion stimulus plan in battle against deflation

22 Jan 2015

The lasting impact of Switzerland’s 'black swan' event

21 Jan 2015

Greek election: A ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ story

15 Jan 2015

Crude oil: What goes down must come up?

16 Feb 2015

China A-shares: Market rallies on stimulus measures

27 Oct 2014

India state election wins strengthen case for economic reform

21 Oct 2014

US equities: Pullback may present purchasing opportunities

15 Oct 2014

US equities: Volatility rising

19 Sep 2014

Continued caution: Federal Reserve maintains guidance that rates won’t increase for a "considerable time"

05 Sep 2014

Surprise announcement from the ECB underlines concerns about economic recovery in the Eurozone

01 Sep 2014

US equities: Attractive long-term investment on expected earnings growth