Investment Objective

  • The Fund aims to facilitate accumulation of retirement savings* through a combination of income# and capital growth over the long term.

    * Please note that this Fund is neither a capital guaranteed fund nor a capital protected fund.

    # Income declared will be reinvested in the form of additional Units issued to Members.

Member profile

The Fund is suitable for Members who:

  • have a moderate risk appetite;
  • seek capital appreciation on and distribution of Units from their contributions;
  • seek an additional retirement savings scheme other than EPF;
  • are not statutorily obliged to contribute to EPF; and/or
  • are employers who wish to contribute on behalf of their employees having the aforesaid characteristics.


Performance Benchmark

50% FBM KLCI Index + 50% 12-month Maybank fixed deposit rate.

Investment Strategy

To achieve the objective of the Fund, the Provider will at all times invest a minimum of 40% up to a maximum of 60% of the Fund’s NAV in equities and/or equity-related securities.

That part of the Fund’s NAV not invested in equities and/or equity-related securities will be invested in fixed income instruments.

Further, the Fund may invest up to 30% of the Fund’s NAV at any time in foreign markets which include but not limited to Asia Pacific region whenever opportunities arise. The Asia Pacific region would include but are not limited to Australia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Philippines, Korea, India, Singapore and Thailand.

As the objective of the Fund is to provide a combination of income# and capital growth, the Provider seeks to adopt a balanced approach by investing at an equal portion of the Fund’s NAV in fixed income instruments and equities and/or equity-related securities. When opportunities arise, this equal apportionment will be varied slightly (i.e. between 40% to 60%) to better benefit the Members of the Fund. With this strategy, Members are able to benefit from the income# which the Fund aims to provide from its investments in fixed income instruments as well as capital growth from its investments in equities and/or equity-related securities.

# Income declared will be reinvested in the form of additional Units issued to Members.

Asset Allocation

A minimum of 40% and a maximum of 60% of the Fund’s NAV into equities and/or equity-related securities;

The remainder of the Fund’s NAV will be invested fixed income instruments including but not limited to money market instruments and deposits with financial institutions.

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Your should be aware that if you did not indicate your selection of Funds, your contributions will be automatically allocated to Manulife PRS – Moderate Fund if you are within 40 years to below 50 years old at the time of contribution.