Why Invest with us?

We have one of the most experienced management teams in the industry – with more than 88 years combined management expertise. More importantly, WE WILL HELP YOU INVEST SUCCESSFULLY!


Our stable encompasses both conventional and Shariah-compliant funds, ranging from equity and balanced to bond and money market instruments, in order to meet your investment objectives.

Proper Selection of Funds

Our unit trust advisers are well trained to help you select your funds appropriately using our proprietary Six-Step Process. Furthermore, to help you better comprehend your investment needs, we have developed MY PLANNERS, the most visually interactive investment planning tool in the Malaysian unit trust industry.

Constant Monitoring

Our unit trust advisers are equipped with MHO – a sophisticated, state-of-the-art unit trust investment monitoring system, to help you keep track of your investments. This system allows our unit trust advisers to send reports to you at anytime, anywhere, and comes with an invaluable alert system that prompts your unit trust adviser once your targeted returns have been achieved.

So what is this EPF Members' Investment Scheme?

Since November 1996, all eligible EPF contributors are allowed to withdraw part of their savings to invest in unit trusts through external fund managers appointed by the Ministry of Finance.

 We are an officially appointed Fund Management Institution that offers the EPF Members’ Investment Scheme. Your investment in this scheme will allow diversification of your EPF savings into many possible investment portfolios.

Who can participate in the EPF Members' Investment Scheme? 

Starting 1 January 2017, EPF members are allowed to invest not more than 30% of the total amount in excess of their Basic Savings in Account 1 through the Appointed Fund Management Institutes approved by the Ministry of Finance.

 The minimum amount of savings that can be transferred is RM1,000 and can be made at intervals of three (3) months from the date of the last transfer, subject to the availability of the Basic Savings required in Account 1.

Required Basic Savings in Account 1

18 1,000 37 60,000
19 3,000 38 66,000
20 5,000 39 72,000
21 6,000 40 78,000
22 8,000 41 85,000
23 10,000 42 92,000
24 12,000 43 100,000
25 14,000 44 108,000
26 17,000 45 116,000
27 20,000 46 125,000
28 23,000 47 134,000
29 26,000 48 144,000
30 29,000 49 154,000
31 33,000 50 165,000
32 37,000 51 176,000
33 41,000 52 188,000
34 45,000 53 201,000
35 50,000 54 214,000
36 55,000 55 228,800


Example of How To Calculate The Allowable Investment Amount

Member Age Savings in Account 1
Basic Savings
Computation: Savings in Account 1 - Basic Savings X 20% Member's Eligibility
A 22 4,000 8,000 - Member is not eligible. Savings in Account 1 is less than the new Basic Savings 
B 22 9,000 8,000 (9,000 - 8,000) X 30% = RM300 Member is not eligible. Minimum eligible amount is  RM1,000.00
C 25 20,000 14,000 (20,000 - 14,000) X 30% = RM1,800 Member is eligible.  Minimum eligible amount is RM1,000.00 and the maximum amount is RM1,800.00

Please refer to the EPF website located at www.kwsp.gov.my for detailed information related to withdrawals.

Substantially lower service charges for unit trust investment under the EPF Members' Investment Scheme

Starting 1 January 2008, EPF members pay substantially lower service charges for unit trust investments. This means EPF members only pay a maximum of 3 percent in charges, as compared to the previous service charges of about 5 to 6 percent.

With the lower service charges, EPF members can look forward to potentially better returns from their unit trust investments.

MAMSB's Unit Trust Funds Available For EPF-MIS 

The following is the list of unit trust funds available for Employees Provident Fund - Members Investment Scheme (EPF-MIS) effective 1 March 2018.
Fund Category Conventional Funds Islamic Funds
Mixed Assets
Money Market