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If you do not have Acrobat Reader, you may download it first).


Forms for Download :

KWSP 9N Form
Unit Holder Record Maintenance Form (UH-M)
MAMSB Online Application Form
Regular Investment Amendment (RIA)
Direct Debit Authorization Form (DDA)
ML Protect Application Form
ML Protect Product Disclosure Sheet
Credit Card Service Form
SA Form (UT)
PDPA Consent (UT)
Individual / Controlling Person Self-certification Form (FATCA and CRS)
Entity Tax Residency Self Certification Form (FATCA and CRS)

The following forms are available for downloading at the end of all our electronic prospectuses.

  • Account Opening Form - For individual only
  • Account Opening Form - For corporate only
  • Additional Investment Slip - For existing unit holder
  • Additional Investment Slip - For existing corporate
  • Repurchase
  • Switching
  • Transaction Request For Deceased Account
  • Fund Transfer
  • Monthly Switching Investment (MSI)
  • FPX Deduction For Multiple Accounts Form


In accordance to SC requirements, an investor can only gain access to selected electronic application forms after he/she has first accessed the electronic prospectuses.

PRS Forms

Additional Contribution Slip (For Existing Member) PRS Scheme
Change of Personal Particulars and Investment Instruction Form
Investor Suitability Assessment Form
PRS Withdrawal Form
PRS Switching Form
Investor Consent on Personal Data and Privacy Form
PDPA Form (English) Version: MAMSB/PRS/PDPA-201810
PDPA Form (BM) Version: MAMSB/PRS/PDPA-201810

The following form is available for downloading at the end of our electronic Disclosure Document.

PRS Joint Application Form