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Manulife Investment Funds
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(Manulife Investment Balanced Fund, Manulife Investment Equity Index Fund, Manulife Investment Value Fund, Manulife Investment Growth Fund, Manulife Investment Progress Fund, Manulife Investment Bond Fund, Manulife Investment Regular Savings Fund, Manulife Investment Money Market Fund, Manulife Investment-ML Flexi Fund, Manulife Investment Dividend Fund, Manulife Investment-CM Flexi Fund, Manulife Investment-HW Flexi Fund, Manulife Investment Syariah Index Fund, Manulfie Investment Al-Faid, Manulife Investment As-Saad,  Manulife Investment Al-Fuazan, Manulife Investment Al-Umran, Manulife Investment Al-Ma'mun,  Manulife Investment-CM Shariah Flexi Fund, Manulife Investment Shariah Progress Fund,  Manulife Investment-HW Shariah Flexi Fund, Manulife Investment-ML Shariah Flexi Fund, Manulife Investment Shariah Progress Plus* Fund )

* The word "Plus" is used in the fund's name as the fund has a similar investment strategy as Manulife Investment Shariah Progress Fund with a wider universe via exposure to the Asia Pacific region.
01 December 2018
  Master Prospectus
(Manulife Investment Asia-Pacific ex Japan Fund (formerly known as Manulife Investment Pacific Fund), Manulife Investment Asia-Pacific REIT Fund, Manulife Investment Greater China Fund, Manulife Investment U.S. Equity Fund, Manulife Equity Plus Fund, Manulife Bond Plus Fund, Manulife China Equity Fund, Manulife India Equity Fund, Manulife Global Resources Fund,  Manulife Investment Indonesia Equity Fund, Manulife Cash Management Fund, Manulife Flexi Growth & Income Fund, Manulife Asia Pacific Income and Growth Fund, Manulife Investment Shariah Asia-Pacific Fund, Manulife Shariah - Dana Ekuiti)
01 December 2018
(Manulife Asia Total Return Bond Fund)
18 February 2019
  Information Memorandum
(Manulife Dragon Growth Fund)
03 November 2016
  Supplemental Information Memorandum
(Manulife Dragon Growth Fund)
01 October 2018
  Replacement Information Memorandum
(Manulife Asian Small Cap Equity Fund)
01 June 2018
  Information Memorandum
(Manulife SGD Income Fund)
13 March 2018

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